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LR and I are planning a 3 or 4 month long trip to Mexico/Belize/Guatemala this coming winter. In the last few months, I've been thinking about the things that are specific to women for traveling long distances on a motorcycle.

We have to worry about menstruation, washing, laundry, shaving among other things. I have some suggestions and I would really hope our other female inmates could post their thoughts/questions/suggestions.

1. That time of the month
  • I have purchased disposable underwear that I chuck in my tankbag for problems where I'm not near a city or gas station. You can buy these at any beauty salon, a dozen at a time, for less than $5. Handy if you have an accident. These are in addition to the 7 cotton pairs I have stuff in my saddle bags.
  • Using a DivaCup, instead of tampons or pads, will save space and get rid of the waste problem.
  • WetWipes are available in convenient travel sizes and are extremely useful for lots of different situations.
  • Feminine spray is also available in travel sizes if you're camping and don't have time(or is not available) to wash with soap & water.
  • You can purchase soap 'flakes' in itty bitty containers - usually 50 flakes(one flake is enough to wash your hair/hands/pits/feet with only a tiny bit of water added).
  • If you're camping(or there's no bathroom where you are) there's the mess of what to do with pads and the like when you've used them - lighter and/or matches will solve that.
2. Bathroom duty
  • I carry a small(50 sheets) roll of Charmin, which comes in a plastic case to keep it clean and non-damaged, in my tank bag for emergencies. You can also purchase Sanitary Seat covers in travel size for less than desirable places to pee/poo. $.99 at any WallyWorld.
  • She-Wee. If you haven't heard of it, google it. Fantastic product made for women so we don't have to squat or take our pants all the way to the knees just to go. Stand up and pee right next to your man.
  • Inflatable toilet seats. It's been mentioned to me that many hotels south of the border do not have toilet seats. Bring your own - inflatable means it'll pack very small but provide big comfort.
  • Wetwipes as stated above or the feminine type to reduce odor.
3. Chafing & skin protection
  • Exoficio makes wonderful mens boxers that are odor resistant and dry out within hours of washing. Chafe free, comfortable and extremely cool in hot weather. They don't bunch or have seams to grind into your skin after hours and hours of being on the bike.
  • HoneyDust, by Kama Sutra, works awesome to help keep you dry and keeps your skin comfortable - plus it smells good and is edible so it's a 2 in one product.
  • Face cream - find one with a high SPF which will double as sunscreen. Lip moisturizers are especially important!
  • A sports bra with no seams will help keep your underarms and shoulders from getting irritated. Nike & Bali both make them. I usually have 2 of these, plus a nice push up bra for special occasions.
4. Washing and the like
  • Shampoo. Lush makes shampoo solids. They are small and round, come in a canister to guard against damage, you'll get more than 50 washes with one. About $6 each. I have found these to be absolutely indispensible! Some come with conditioner built in, so no need to carry the extra weight of conditioner.... plus, you can also use this as a wash bar for your body. They are soap free.
  • Face cloths will clean your pores and moisturize, too. Coupled with SPF lotion, you're covered.
  • Shaving. If you can get used to it, try an epilator. Emjoy makes one that doesn't hurt near what the others do and leaves you free of hair for up to 6 weeks. It also makes hair grow back slower and thinner over time. You can find Emjoys that are battery operated for when you don't have power to draw from. Gillette Venus Breeze disposable razor has lubricating pads so no soap is necessary. These work very, very well with little water. Disposable wax strips work well, too, if you wax.
  • Disposable brush wipes(by Oral B) for your teeth are excellent and take up almost zero room. They come impregnated with toothpaste, fit on your finger and have nubbies on them to get all the grit off your teeth.
  • Tide makes Sink Packs. Comes in 3's for $.99 and will do a few pairs of 'roos, socks, bra or shirt/pant. I love these things and carry about a dozen. 3 of them in the tub worked wonders on LR's 10 day camping-old-crusty shirt and pants. We won't talk about his socks.
  • Deoderants. Try a 'crystal' or other natural solid. They last an extremely long time and are very small. Also, you won't have the problem of them melting.
5. Clothing
  • Rayon is a great fabric for traveling. Comes out wrinkled as hell, but after splashing lightly with water, all the wrinkles just fall right out.
  • Scented sachet packs are great tossed in the saddle bags. Keeps things freshly scented even if you've worn items a time or 2.
  • If you don't already, try wearing thong underwear. They pack ultra small and don't take much to clean and dry.
  • I bring dryer sheets(Bounce) in a plastic bag. Not only do they work good as sashets, but also repel ticks/fleas when rubbed on pant legs/socks/shoes. They also get rid of static cling problems by just rubbing them on the clothing/sheets.
  • Jelled socks at night will keep your feet soft & supple and help with painful callouses.
6. Miscellaneous
  • If you have to wear makeup, use Mineral Powder foundation. Good for the skin, doesn't clog pores or leave a mess in your helmet liner. It also comes with sunscreen. Lots of mineral eye shadow colors that pack small and last a very, very long time.
  • Waterproof mascara and lipstick with SPF in it completes your makeup kit.
  • Ziploc bags are good for many things. I always keep several handy.
  • Hair ties. I used to keep these around my brush handle, but now they are on a 'hook' hanging off the tank bag. These, too, have many uses.
  • I repack all my hair/face care products in plastic bottle/tubs. Up and down in elevation can sometimes cause burst contents. It also saves space.
I found a thread on the Horizon's site that is geared toward women and traveling that's very informative. I would appreciate any other links or comments from the female contingent......

great good one!!! as i like the way you written your post with joy and happily!!!!!!!!!!
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