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Originally Posted by FR700 View Post
Brand new C5 Enfield .
Thought ya may have picked out the triple pipes in the top right of the other pic .

How could I have missed that?
I first saw one of those in the wild sometime around 1975 or so, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge northbound. I was on the Southbound side, and never had a chance to swing around and chase him down (plus, I didn't want to have to pay another dollar toll when I resumed my journey through San Fransisco home to Half Moon Bay).

As an Enfield enthusiast, what I love about the new production ones is the parts interchangability with our old ones. The rear fender stays, swingarm, and engine aren't compatible with the post-1955 UK built models, but the forks, wheels, fuel tanks, etc. will go right on.
I'm using a number of new-made parts for my two restorations.
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