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[QUOTE=Cortez;17836084]Reading last 1-2 pages.. I take it you guys didn't get, or didn't like the R1200ST?

I think I've only seen one advertised for sale a couple times and sat on one in a dealer once. It was a beautiful looking bike, gorgeous color scheme as I recall too, but I'm pretty much done with BMW ergos on a lot of their sportier bikes. Just wanna sit more upright these days on long rides. I had two K1200RS's and it was in my mind one of the most beautifully designed and engineered machines ever, but it killed the back of my neck even with bar backs and footpeg lowering, Sargent and Corbin seats etc. I still put on 55K between the two of them, but bought my GSA in 07 and the problem was gone. I may yet pick up a mint 1999-2000 K1200RS just to look at in the garage some day if I see a deal out there!

I have owned lots of hardcore sportbikes, and never had the problem riding them. I think though that the ST would have been too much for my wife to reach comfortably as well as she is 5'7" and the pretty R that started this thread is hers and fits her perfectly :-)
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