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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
- Pemex stations can be found along these routes, however premium (the red handled pump) fuel probably will not be available but the lower grade Magna will be available.
- Carry small bills and change, don't expect everyone to be willing to break a $500 peso bill. Tip the Pemex attendants as they work for tips.

Folks shouldn't worry about lack of the high octane gas at higher Mexican elevations. There's so little air up there, that your engine isn't making the compression to truly need 91+ octane. And, its cooler up there too.

Giving a 500 peso note to a Pemex attendant is just asking for a screwing. (On a motorcycle, where your average fill is about 200 peso. Unless, of course, you're on a GSA Valdez Edition, which might actually need 100 liters of fuel )
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