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Originally Posted by BlackBeast View Post
Hey Guys,
I'm looking to move from my Arai XD to my first modular helmet and don't really want to break the bank based on it being my first. So was considering the Nolan N90. My XD is a small, but haven't taken a tape measure to my head as yet.
I use a Cardo Scala Q2 on my XD. Would this be able to fit on the Nolan and would you also suggest a small?
Hi Daryll,
Nolan makes a solid modular helmet, and they've been making modular helmets for a very long time. Both the N90 and the N103 are good places to start. You may have also heard this year they are launching the Nolan N104, which is pretty sleek. Between the N90 and the N103, the N103 has a few superior features for only dollars more, such as a stainless steel latching system and a balanced chin bar that allows you to ride at low speeds with the chin bar up. The N90 chin bar sits slightly forward when open and is not as well balanced. Both the N90 and the N103 are specifically designed to work with the NCom system, but you should be able to use your Cardo Scala Q2 with no problems.
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