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Also, on the mend

Originally Posted by Hootowl View Post
As a start I would get your vitamin D-3 levels checked. Get a good, bioavailable multi mineral/magnesium supplement, and check your urine PH 3X/day.
If you're eating the SAD diet (standard american diet) you'll probably find you're on the acidic side of neutral (7). If so, you're loosing minerals from your bones to buffer that acidic PH which makes it hard for you to repair the fracture.
As a family doc on the mend for a slight fracture of the metatarsal from a lowside on extremely overinflated tires in a turn taken too fast, take VIT D, Calcium supplements. Read a lot of books to keep youself distracted!! Get some serious boots and don't skimp! As far as the Ph Level in the Urine? That's interesting...i'll look into it!

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