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Originally Posted by Sjoerd Bakker View Post
It ten of one and a dicena of the other .Both highways have their own character , both have a nice selection of curves and scenery and both rise from the warm coast through a n interesting succession of plant covers . The only solution is ,of course, ride both of them ... at a modest speed. If you find some reallly delectable curves that are clean turn around a few times to zip through them once you have scouted the hazards.
That's pretty much my take on them also having ridden both this past week. I would characterize 175 in its current state of repair, as a very twisty road, poorly maintained throughout, but particularly bad in the corners where the arroyos spill over the road surface. You can find yourself in first gear as often as not in those corners. The upshot is that the heads up riding continues unabated for almost the whole ride to the coast, (after you enter the montanas). There is one stretch in the middle, and the end where it improves a lot. I rode back 131 two days ago, and I would characterize it differently. Riding out of PE the road absolutely sucked for the first hour and a half at the rate I was comfortable riding it, (20-30 mph). This first stretch is often no different, and sometimes worsse than any dirt road I've ridden. It's largely bumpy pavement, (the kind that bounces your bike to the outside of the curves if you ride it very hard at all), punctuated by stretches of no pavement, or very little pavement. The stretches sans pavement seemed to be more than those with pavement, but it may just be my imagination. After leaving PE, and approaching the top of the first pass, the pavement improves dramatically. The rest of the ride seemed to be quite good to me, although I admit I had been predisposed after the first hour and a half of the ride, to think that a ride on corrugated washboard, sand, and marbles was a walk in the park.
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