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I have been searching for my next bike for some time now and my intent was an ADV bike. I actually pick up an KTM Adventure 950 on Saturday in Cali that I purchased here from an inmate. Anyway for me it came down to a few things. Budget being the first priority. I can afford to buy whatever I want for the most part but I have to be able to justify it to myself and with 3 kids and a wife at home that damn thing called priority gets in the way. I used to be able to justify two Ducati's in my garage but not anymore. My other concern was performance. I have owned a newer KLR for a short time and it was a good bike. Handled great, no problems and I did like it but it just didn't have quite enough grunt for me. Might have been the easiest bike to ride that I have ever owned. But I like to have that low end, pull a stump out of the ground grunt. Hence the reason I've had so many twins I guess.

That said I was still looking into smaller displacement 600cc style rides but I was hesitant because I felt that I might want more. If I was able to justify two bikes in the garage right now I am pretty sure one would be a smaller adventure bike with some other performance style bike to fulfill my needs. I agree with the sentiments that the smaller ADV bikes are better suited to off-road duty and the true essence of ADV riding. The Sertao was on my short list actually because its price was more manageable (Justifiable) The local dealer has one in since last week and I went to take a look at it. Not a bad looking GS except the anemic forks. The seat is more comfortable then the f800 in my opinion as well although I did not ride it. I have ridden the f800 though and that seat needs work.

Talking to the salesman about the Sertao he basically confirms it is a slightly reworked Dakar with a newer look and newer instrument cluster. Personally I think it looks significantly better then the Dakar but looks are subjective. I used to think the KTM Adventures were on the homely side but after some time I began to admire their purposeful rally look. According to Tom (Salesman) the Sertao should be just as bulletproof as the Dakar which is a good thing.

After checking out the Sertao and finding out that it would be about $10500 OTD I was more convinced the KTM was what I needed to get for now anyway considering my budgetary concerns. That price was for a bike equipped with the "optional" heated grips, accessory socket. I think its funny how BMW calls that stuff optional when you never see them without it. Thats a hell of a marketing ploy they have going.

It too bad that BMW just didn't put another 2K into the Sertao and make it a kickass ADV bike with good forks and a few more advanced alloys lightening it by 50-60 lbs. I think people would still buy it but I realize they need to keep the price point away form the f800. Maybe Yamaha will some day bring the little Tenere to the states then we might have something.

I'm sure whoever gets one of these will be extremely happy with it as overall it looks like a pretty good package.
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