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Universal Fenders and Aftermarket Sidecovers

I was looking on line for replacement sidecovers and am leaning toward the Sammy Miller replacements (mine is a 76 "S" model) and the universal fenders. The sidecovers are black plastic and they say ready to paint. I sent a message to them about recommended prep, primer, and paint and the response was pretty much what I thought (degrese, plastic primer, and paint of choice). Has anyone gotten the sidecovers and painted them? How did it go and how has it lasted? Also, if you put decals on, did you use a clear coat over them or just leave them as is?

The other question is about the rear universal fender mounting. The original TL fenders (and others) have a short tab extending down to catch the bolt on either side behind the shock bolt. The universal fender doesn't have this tab, so I was wondering how others mounted them? Do you make a short metal tab to span between the fender and mounting hole or just not use that set of bolts and rely on just the single center rear bolt and the small screws between the fender and the split front section (original black portion under the seat)? Thanks for any insight.

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