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Originally Posted by Pro_Marinero View Post
Maybe it's buried here in the thread but I'm too lazy.

Does anyone use the B&J TY80 peg kit? My new TY80 has some bungled pegs on it. Somebody welded one side totally fixed and did a total booger job. The other side just has a bent peg. The B&J kit is $140 but moves the pegs lower and farther back. Since the once side is pretty much shot I thought maybe this would be a decent fix, but I don't want to dump a bunch into this bike.

EDIT - I looked at it again today. I think I can flip sides with the footpeg plates and move the mounts farther back and down. If that doesn't work I'll cut some new plates with a plasma cutter. I'll use OSET 36v pegs instead. .
I think if you switch sides, the pegs dont fold when you crash/pass too close to rocks. not sure though it has been quite a while since I sold ours. back and down is best for someone being competitive, not sure how much it matters for a kid, once a kid gets half way good, a modern bike is a must, If you ask me anywho...

My dad just added strap iron the same size or so as original peg, but makes so the peg "width" (front to back, not fram to outside of peg) was increased, the key was adding to back of peg not the front. easy to do with vice, hammer and welder. Red line is what he added to the "straightened original pegs" if that helps ya any.
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