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To try and drag this back into the same zipcode as welding - I have seen browsing through catalogs various self-powered welders (intended say for mounting on maintenance trucks to run standalone). I'm sure some have had convenience outlets for running power tools/lights/etc. Lord help me but every expensive toy has got to be some kind of Swiss Army knife for me (got a GS after all, didn't I?). Is there any practically smallish implementation of these welders that could pinch hit in a backup generator role, or are they just stupidly large and expensive beyond all sense for a hobbbyist/hacker type application?

It would save me the price of the extra outlet on my dryer circuit.
Check out Miller Bobcat series. 10kw single phase or 11kw 3 phase generator plus onboard stick welder. Accessories add mig and tig capabilities. Around $3500 new for base unit. A "big" unit like what you're imagining can easily run $15-20k.
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