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Originally Posted by Surferchris1 View Post

It's not much of an adventure, nor an exotic location (Pismo Beach, CA), but my favorite thing about this picture is that it was taken totally by accident. It was shot by a GoPro Hero cam that was set to take a still picture at some time interval. It wasn't set up, nobody was looking through the viewfinder, nobody was there to press the shutter button, I don't even think my buddy Spencer even knew the camera was on. That's my brother on the left stretching and I was probably just out of the frame to the right taking a piss. This is exactly how it turned out too, it's resized but otherwise totally unmolested by any photo editing program.

Actually now that I think about it, that sucks. I can't take credit for any of it.
Really cool pic, as some wise man said before, sometimes accidental or kinda random shots are the best ones :)

I mean, we have bike, we have a sunset, a beach, a guy who enjoys the sunset, we are only missing you peeing on the beach while watching th sunset here

P.S.: I am against photo editing. I never edit my pics (ok, I cut them and on VERY, VERY rare occasions I correct the colour a little...but thats all done on my cam, not the computer)
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