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Originally Posted by Boxer-lust View Post
Kirb,I'm one of the people that want a light sport-touring that is comfortable...
The Motus is not light and ridicolously expensive...
For that price it needs lots of dealers,needs to be proven,should have the latest technolgy like ABS/TC,needs a clean shaft or belt and needs to be lighter...
For 28K a few excentrics and rich collectors might buy the first 200 examples but to make it a success it takes a more convincing product and 10 grand of m.s.r.p.
It is up against bikes like K1300S,K1600GT,R1200RT,VFR1200,ST1300,ZX14Concours ,Multistrada1200...tough competition and a tough economic climate.
Don't shoot the messenger...
The MST is a sport touring rig that comes in under 560lbs, has 160+HP, fuel capacity, comfortable for two, and factory bags. 560lbs wet weight is not light? You are insane. Tool around on your beloved K16 or even the FJR I have...they are piggy by comparison. 'feels light despite it's weight' is still heavy.

I'll bet you $100 they are successful for at least 5 years. You in? This debate is easily settled with a hundo.

You keep trying to put it up against other bikes. That is why you just don't get it, should move along, and don't worry your BMW brain about why anyone would want one. The fact that it's US made will score many of the sales alone. The fact that it shares muscle car roots, designed by RIDERS, and has everything that a lot of people want (and a bunch of crap people DON'T want) will fill in the rest.

MFGs have not been HEARING riders. The VFR1200 is a perfect example of a good idea totally screwed up because they didn't LISTEN to what riders wanted and sales sucked because of it. It doesn't do ANYTHING well. Motus actually took in questions early on and helped develop the bike around what people wanted.
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