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Originally Posted by kirb View Post
You keep trying to put it up against other bikes. That is why you just don't get it, should move along, and don't worry your BMW brain about why anyone would want one.
Gotta circle the wagons around the roundel.
Lots of BMW riders for years have maintained that they ride the brand because it offers the best engineering and final product. The only argument against Motus is price. The engineering really highlights how disingenuous the previous claims of impartial and rational choices were.

We all knew it was bullshit anyway. We just have a measuring stick for guys like that now.

They move the goalpost to "for the money." They claim the engineering is crap or inferior.

Most of us see that for what it is and mentally turn the volume down on them.

I would like to see someone put up a Hundo on the BMW side against the Motus. I'd like to invite that guy to play some poker too.
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