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Originally Posted by Goosefeather View Post
Happy Snapper got a current Rino and came round the other day to show it off, and load some maps on my Windows PC as he's a Mac fan.

After a bit of trial and error, using Mapsource, we established that it can load Shonky Maps and Tracks4Australia. The only trick appears to be loading them so that they can be selected individually.

We're used to the GPSMap60 map selection method, where different map sets are readily selectable on the unit.

When we selected Tracks4Australia map tiles on the PC and loaded to the unit, all looked fine - could select/deselect the T4A maps. When we then loaded Shonky Maps and Tracks4Australia map tiles on the PC and loaded to the unit, there was only one map set to select/deselect and it appears the map set displayed was the highest priority in that set (can't remember which - think it was T4A).

After a bit of experimentation and looking at the onboard SD card contents, it appears that the default compiled image file on the unit is overwritten by the most recent transfer from the PC. We worked around this by:
- transferring T4A,
- renaming the standard image file (something.whateversuffixIforget - I forget its name!) to T4A.whateversuffixIforget
- transferring Shonky Maps
- renaming the new standard image file (something.whateversuffixIforget - I forget its name!) to ShonkyMaps.whateversuffixIforget

[edit - default map file is gmapsupp.img]

Happy can now select Shonky Maps or Tracks4Australia individually and pick the most appropriate map set for his location.

I hope this saves other Rino user's some frustration.
I loaded multiple maps as well, just load each individually, then go into the unit and rename the gmapsupp.img file you just created by loading the map to gmapsuppshonky.img for example, then load tracks for australia and then rename that gmapsupptracks.img etc. I have City Navigator, Tracks for Australia, Oztopo 2.1b, Shonky Maps, and the standard basemap all loaded to it now and can select them individually.

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