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Ok, I got the Morimoto H1 projectors this week. They look pretty solid, better than I expected actually. Now I'm not really worried that they will shake apart- I'm just afraid that the stock headlight reflector won't be up to holding the extra weight of the projector- we'll see.

Separating the headlight housing:

Cut away as much of the sealant as you can. Try as I might, I couldn't get the butyl sealant to soften in the oven.

The oven step is still useful- I cooked the headlight for about 10 minutes at 250. The sealant was still rubbery as ever, but the advantage is the housing plastic/acrylic is pliable enough that it's not quite as easy to break. It takes a lot of prying and working your way around the housing to pop the acrylic off. I didn't find any secrets. Before you do this, loosen the headlight adjuster at the bottom all the way. Once you pop off the lens, you'll slip a little white nut out of an adjuster bracket.

No need to take the reflector out of the housing. I'm planning on riding for a few days with the projector in there in a temporary fashion- if it works well, I'll spray paint the lower reflector section black, since it's not doing anything now.

Cutoff mask solenoid wires need to be fished through. Also: the black ring around the new light is a piece of PVC coupling that I cut, it stabilizes the projector when the light is tightened down in the reflector.

The adapter for the H4 headlight bulb doesn't really register anywhere in the stock headlight. In this picture, it's upside down, I fixed that later. Again, once I test this thing out, I'll use some sealant on the reflector side to make sure the light doesn't spin.

Where we are at this point:

I was thinking I had H1 HIDs in my fog lights, but they're actually H3s. So I need to order some new HID bulbs for this. For now, I put in a H1 halogen bulb, and rigged up some wires to adapt the bulb to the H4 socket. I'll give it a test run tonight or tomorrow night, I'll try to snap some pictures of the headlight beam.

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