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Originally Posted by willys View Post
Welcome...we need more info about the bike before saying IF that is NOT those speeds you are above 5000RPMs and that is usually where the KLR will start to drink fuel and oil if your oil level!

What has been done to the carb? If nothing and you just or someone just slapped a can on it....what about the airbox, airfilter? Snorkle? Jetting? Engine mods of any kind?

I get above 40 MPG with a fully modded and loaded bike but not at 80mph! 70 yes.....I'm still in the mid 40's easily. No headwind either.
Honestly I don't know if anything else was done too it. First bike so I'm still getting used to all the mechanics. Got it used at a dealership so they really don't know what the guy did before. But I will probably end up switching out the air filters. It's also been a lil windy lately, and I got kind of a lead foot (however that translates to on a bike)

And yea I heard KLR's are notorious for oil consumption, so I've been keeping my eye on it every other day, thanks for the heads up though!
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