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Question...... I am working on a Upside Down Fork Conversion on my DRZ 400 and the frame stop is slightly high and I need to extend it. I was thinking of making a duplicate tab and drilling 2 holes in the OEM frame tab and slug welding it in.

Details I need to confirm are....

1. What type of steel will be best for this job?

2. The bike is built so how do I protect the electrics from shock?

3. What type of welder should I use and what settings?

I have atatched pictures of the job I need to complete. My buddy is a welder and has a welding truck with several welding machines so I have options and a welder that can do the job. I just need to confirm with knowledgeable motorcycle guys first so he doesnt fry my bike electrics, since he is mainly a structural welder.
Thank You In Advance for assistance and time spent to reply.


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