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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
Any old steel will be fine. A scrap steel piece from your buddy's structural welding truck will work. He'll more than likely know the weld settings.

There's many ways to attach the extra piece, I would maybe drill some big plug welding holes into the added piece instead of the original tab, if I could remove the triple clamp and stand the frame up vertical. Or cut a rectangular piece, a little smaller length/width, weld to the bottom of the original tab on 3 sides, and grind to suit.

Disconnect the battery and unplug the electronic ignition module.

Put the work clamp near to the weld, sand off some paint to make a good contact.

Maybe repack the bearing?

OK, I will drill the extra metal tab instead of the OEM frame stop.

I just talked to him and he said that he can safely TIG weld it with ONLY the battery disconnected.
However, I will unplug everything and remove the Ignition Module as well. Should I remove anything else as a precaution? Charging stator,coil, switches, starter solenoids etc...?

He says welding a completed bike is no different than welding on a piece of heavy equipment that has a Computer controlled engine of which he said he does all the time. He said that the key is grounding the job correctly at the weld site and using an additional earth ground as well to relieve static "eddy current"

I am sending him pics of the job at hand now so he can advise which steel I need to get from him.

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