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Originally Posted by ER70S-2 View Post
Do not clamp on anything supported by the triple clamps, the current will flow through the steering head bearings to complete the circuit and cook 'em. Clamp on the frame as close as possible to the steering head.

I'd cut a piece the same size as the one on the frame, champher all edges (3 on the new piece and 3 on the frame) and your buddy can run a horizontal bead around the bottom of the frame piece and on top of the added piece. The bead will lay down in the groove leaving more weld surface area than plug welds.

Edit: I'm too slow. My DR650 frame is mild steel, any scrap metal he has will work.

I see what you mean... I will have the entire front end off of the bike. The races will be in there but nothing else. At this point I am looking for as much info as possible regarding the protection of the bikes electrics. I will definitely be removing the CDI ( ignition module) and disconnecting the battery as well as advised previously. Do I need to remove any other electrical components?

He said he will use the clamps that we are going to use to hold the new tab to the OEM frame tab for the ground, along with a grounding strap to aid in dispersing of static (eddy current) charges

I may take this opportunity to remove the steering lock assembly since the new stem doesnt have provisions for the steering lock anyway.

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