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I just talked to him and he said that he can safely TIG weld it with ONLY the battery disconnected. However, I will unplug everything and remove the Ignition Module as well. Should I remove anything else as a precaution? Charging stator,coil, switches, starter solenoids etc...?

He says welding a completed bike is no different than welding on a piece of heavy equipment that has a Computer controlled engine of which he said he does all the time. He said that the key is grounding the job correctly at the weld site and using an additional earth ground as well to relieve static "eddy current"
He's right about all that. Anymore I just tell people to remove the ECU or Ignition Module just to avoid the circular discussion. What I mean is that people will remove whichever electrical parts that they're not comfortable leaving connected. So I just start off making suggestions that mimic what they are comfortable with. I mentioned the Ign Module because if I remember on the DRZ it's right there easy to get to.

The switches, regulator/rectifier, stator can all stay in place. Unless you want to remove them. In which case that would be the best thing to do.


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