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Thanks Rob!

So today was a good day.... kinda.

Started out by giving the rear shock a good bath. Removed all the caked-on clay and scrubed it with simple green to remove the greasy crap.
That allowed me to confirm that the shock isn't leaking and that the spring was upgraded at some point.
As an added bonus, it now smells piney fresh.

Then back into the frame it goes...

What's the thing in the frame in the pic above?

.... It's the engine!

I adjusted the valves, buttoned everything back up and the engine went back in the frame. That was a pain! Doing that kind of job by yourself sucks. But after much cussing, head scratching, and paint scratching it's finally back where it belongs. Touched up the scratches in the paint too...

Here's the "kinda" part. I'm usually pretty confident about my work but I feel that this engine has been apart too long and I get that weird feeling that I missed something. I guess we'll find out when I start it up.

I clean and repacked the steering head bearings and losely (loosely?) re-assembled the triples.

Next was the fork tubes. I opened them up to drain them and first found PVC spacers, mmmh. Then, non-progressive springs... This is getting good.

Some previous owner spent some $$$$ at some point. Suspension front and rear, Vortex airbox, FMF pipe. Maybe this project is worth it after all...
Now I just need to figure out what and how much oil to put in the tubes. Luckily, Rick/Cogent Dynamic is only 3 miles away.

I also removed the RaceTech stickers from the fork tubes. Nothing against RaceTech, I just don't like stickers. Now, if RaceTech builds all their products like they made these fucking stickers it must be a good company to buy from.
Took me about 30 minutes per leg...

Good news is that the fork seals seem to be OK. I'll be running with no boots as long as I run street only. If they start leaking I'll know right away.

Last was the carb. I had cleaned it recently for the PO so no surprises. It was rejetted with a 145 main and needle all the way up. I may drop it one slot to see, most of my riding is around 3000 to 3500ft. I also read somewhere that, for easier starting, Suzuki recommended drilling out the brass jet located in the float cage. Now if I could only figure out what drill bit to use...

That's all for today. Feels good to be moving forward.
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