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FWIW I do TIG welding (with HF start) right next to my computer with no ill effects, though I usually turn off the computer so if there is some transient disturbance it does not cause the computer to crash.

The key to the issue of welding on a motorcycle is remembering that the current flows in a loop, from the welder to the material being welded, through the material being welded to the ground clamp and from the clamp back to the welder. What you want to do is minimize the path through the material being welded and minimize the loop area. What this means is to keep the ground cable parallel to the welding cable and not have big loops (or multiple turns of small loops) of either cable adjacent to the motorcycle. This will minimize any induced current in the motorcycle wiring. I would not be afraid to weld on my bike with everything connected, but I would make the ground connection within inches of the area being welded.
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