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I was a little brash in my assessment...

"I didn't break anything, but I scared the shit out of myself. I do have a bad sprain and damaged ligament/muscle below knee on calf."

Today, 6 days after my getoff/getunder I went to have x-rays just to be sure. I have a clean break on the fibula about 6" below the knee . This explains why I continued to have reasonably acute pain on the anterior of my calf to touch or pressure even when my ankle felt much better. My wife has renamed me knucklehead for waiting so long to go check it. I agree.

That's my contribution here - if you ended up under a bike like a GSA with any body parts that hurt a lot afterward, it's worth having the look. Good news for me is they didn't put me in a cast - break didn't move even after 3-4 days of walking around gingerly, so they handed me crutches told me keep weight totally off and I can live without the cast. This obviously simplifies the bathing/showering scene but also means I have to be damn careful not to inadvertently get on it.

Also means I'm off my bike longer than I'd hoped - I had delusions of grandeur by the end of this week! Well, alright then...
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