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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
I can understand the desire for a new bike at that price point, but I wouldn't call a bike with two less hp and a 3.3 liter smaller fuel tank than the Dakar an "upgrade" unless the new cosmetics mean that much to you.
I did put 'upgrade' in quotes ;)

I'm actually quite intrigued by the reliability aspect of the Sertao - I realize its too new to know that, but based on the feedback I hear from G650 owners the engine appears to have all its gremlins worked out from the Dakar days (namely the Water Pump).

I actually like the old Dakar syling better than the Sertao, but I just laugh at what some owners are asking for them, I've seen some for almost $9K CDN, that's less than $1K off a new one (albeit with some extra farkles).

I'm considering looking State side for a nice Dakar.
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