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Originally Posted by mydlo View Post
Any updates on your progress? Did you get the kit or just order the projectors?
I just got the projectors. It's in there, and I've ridden a few hundred miles so far, but almost none in the dark.

Like I said, I thought I had the right HID bulb, but I didn't. So it just has a parts store halogen H1 in it for now. At the moment, the light pattern seems good (nice sharp cutoff, most of the light centered), but it wasn't putting out as much light as I hoped. I'll wait for the HID to make any judgement though.

I had to leave off the projector shroud- the headlight wouldn't quite adjust high enough before the shroud rubbed the acrylic headlight lens. Test this before you seal the headlight back up.

As far as wiring: it's pretty simple- the HID ballast gets power all the time. You can switch it if you want to be able to turn the light off for startup. The black wire from the solenoid is grounded, the red wire goes to the high beam position of your H4 female plug. Don't use the low beam part of the H4 plug for the HID ballast, because then your light will go out when you flip on the high beams. A relayed line from the battery to your HID ballast is ideal.

Why did TRS say that the D2S morimoto wouldn't fit as well as the H1? I went with the H1, but I'm just curious.

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