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You'll never be able to title that thing. I can take it off your hands as a courtesy; just let me know where to pick it up

Seriously, though, that'll be a piece of cake through Vermont: send in the form with a bill of sale and a check, and a plate will magically appear in your mailbox a week or two later.

It's under 300cc, so it could be a 2012 for all they care--no title required. Alaska should title it based on your Vermont registration, though they might need to be reminded that Vermont doesn't title <300cc bikes. I always had to remind Colorado, but it was never a problem once the clerk looked in the big book behind the counters.

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This bears looking into for me- I bought a 1975 DT175 last fall that has no title, and to get it legal in AK I would have to do the bonded title thing- BUT the AK DMV won't touch it if the value of the bike is under $500. I paid all of $200 for the 'lil bike and if I can register it in VT and then transfer ownership and title to Ak that would be a lot easier than having it appraised and bonded.

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