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I have been fly fishing for over 30 years, and i have spent a ludicrous amount of money of rods and reels.. and I can say definitively that for the type of fishing you want to do this, cabelas rod is all you need. You do not need a bullet proof drag, or a high modulus BS rod.. or anything fancy.. this rod gets great reviews and will get the job done all day long.. I would suggest a 8.5 foot, 3 or 4 wt rod. I have rods that cost literally 10x as much as that combo and all they do is make me worry about tripping over a rock and breaking them in half.. I am tempted to sell all my bamboo, and Winston, and Thomas and Thomas, and Hardy shit and get back to rods that are reasonable and replaceable.

Oh yeah.. probably belongs down in "shiny things"
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