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Congratulations on the new bike. Where are you going? Its not a case of honouring the warranty its a case of getting the bike to an official dealer. When riding in Mexico there are not many dealers and when I replaced my water pump at a regular dirt bike shop BMW would not honour the labor charge at the shop in Puerta Vallarta they said I had to take it to Mexico City or Guadalajara(sp) a 1000kms trip with a bum water pump! In the end when I got home they made good on the water pump kit and gave me a new one to replace the one I used which I was carrying with me.

Ridng a BMW to out of the way places does have its problems.
Thanks! The plan is to leave May/June to ship across the atlantic and ride the summer in Europe, I plan to be in Germany so obviously wont be a problem for service there, then through eastern Europe down to Turkey and then shipping to India and into Nepal. After that is TBD. Maybe riding from Nepal into China and down to SE Asia depending on how money holds outs and if its even possible to enter China from Nepal. I have seen reports where people say yes and others said no. Researching this stuff every day. I just made the deposit Friday so it does make for more planning to get it serviced at the proper time.
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