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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
What didn't you like about the ABS? I find it to be non-intrusive on road even under aggressive braking, and I can switch it off when I ride dirt.
Well... where to begin?

Disclaimer: this is my experience with my bike... maybe it wasn't working as designed, dunno...

1. The only time it ever engaged for me was in situations when the rear wheel slipped and then I simply no longer had rear brakes. Like you're going across an area with wet grass and try to brake, the tire wants to slide, then there's no braking at all there... Scary.

2. Bleeding the brakes was a major PITA cuz you had to activate the ABS modulator to flush any air from the unit. So what I had to do was to bleed the lines as best I could, then ride the bike on grass or gravel or whatever would make the wheel try to slide to engage the unit, then bleed the brakes some more.

3. Riding with others... We'd come to where the trail begins and the pavement ends. All my buddies would tear off down the dusty track. I, however, had to come to a complete stop, hold down a button for several seconds until the ABS off light flashed before I could take off. By the time I got going I was always the one to eat roost and dust. And at every stop when the key was switched off I had it to do all over again.

4. I don't want a 10-pound brick deciding how much braking I need for a given situation. I prefer to judge that for myself. YRMV.

I will say that I did like the active ABS on my 1200GS because I could do all the braking from the handlebars (front brake lever) on the road. And it was even okay on gravel roads.

But the system on my Dakar simply SUCKED (IMHO).

My 2
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