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Confirmed some measurements today.


I've deliberated long and hard about what wheels the Panda will ride on, and I’ve decided to stick with the BMW tubeless rims.

Originally I was going to use an HP2e front wheel, but the narrower fork leg spacing of the custom triples (R-dubb/HPMGuy) means it won’t work with the KTM forks that I’m going to adapt. So, let’s make the original GS wheel work...


Yep, an airhead axle fits. The right axle clamp (left in this pic) is a perfect fit. The left is 1mm larger, so a 0.5mm thick sleeve is required.


I’m using an axle from an ’85 Monolever bike. The diameters along the axle are the same but the spacing is slightly different to the GS. I’m also using the Monolever spacers. 11mm for this side.


...and 24mm this side. The wheel is off center by about 5mm, so machining 2.5mm off this spacer should bring things into line.


I won’t tell you what the sleeve is here, but I will assure you that I’ll get a proper one made up in time! An extra 2.5mm here will bring this end of the axle out nicely, and close to where it would be sitting in an airhead axle clamp.
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