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Well, I'm glad you guys covered the faux-carbs.. because I sure wasn't going to. My only issue with them is that I get a bunch of old timers coming up to me and asking what year it is, then nearly falling down when I tell them it's a new one with EFI. I really need to renew my CPR certs It's a retro-styled bike.. how would you expect them to approach EFI on a bike that's always had prominent carbs? Anything else would completely defeat the point of the bike's existence, and they can't stick with carbs forever.

Anyway, the biggest flaws of the Bonneville are that it's so damn heavy (500lbs wet), that the seat is 1/2" thick, and that the rear suspension is stiff enough to cause spine injury if you fail to dodge a pothole. Fortunately, two of those things can be fixed at which point it becomes a superb bike that's in dire need of a 6th gear.

Tiger 1050

As already mentioned.. the headlights are horrific at doing what headlights are supposed to do and the fuel gauge is crap. Further, the miles-to-empty takes over the gauge's rotating display whenever the bike thinks it has less than 50 miles, so, due to the gauge being crap, it thinks it's near empty all the time and you can't use the other info without reaching out 12" in front of the handlebars to hit the buttons on the cluster.
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