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Another week of learning ensued.

On monday our communications teacher asked us to prepare a 10 minutes lecture about traveling and our preferred traveling style.

To my surprise the majority of students, mostly women in their early twenties, considered visiting towns as traveling, in fact as the only traveling style that occured to their mind. Later, in 2010, when I lived in Berlin and hosted travelers through Couchsurfing I found an even stricter approach to traveling: Hopping from capital to capital (e.g. Prague, Berlin, Paris and Rome in one week) young people from other continents believed they could experience Europe. I was baffled: How stupid intelligent people can be! No doubt those are interesting towns but how much can you see in one or two days per town? And how much does seeing a capital really tell you about a whole country?

In preparation of my own speech I had a photo shop print about 30 images from my current journey, roughly an excerpt of the pictures posted above. While showing them around I talked about Adventure Traveling as my style, explaining how I am convinced it is the most interesting and exciting way of traveling. To my surprise only the teacher and a woman in her 50s agreed, while to the others it seemed so alien as if I had talked about my experiences in outer space.

Several modes of Adventure Traveling I proposed:
  • The sportive challenge:
    Be it biking or free climbing or whatever ... in our case riding trails that are hard or almost impossible to ride,
  • Navigation and Path Finding:
    Somehow finding a way from here to there ... just knowing I am here and want to reach the other side of these mountains, using nothing but the sun and my own orientation sense, or using road books, or whatever tools are available.
  • Finding:
    Finding beauty while searching for the way. I have kind of a sixth sense to find the most beautiful places, full of energy, where I can let the mind roam. Some of the best spots I found have an almost erotic quality - but I only find those when I am alone and nobody is pushing me.
  • Relaxing:
    Just be. Let the mind roam, unwind, drift without target. Be open to what happens next.
  • Meeting:
    Meeting people or animals ... other travelers, climbing girls, cute donkeys, festive locals, ...
  • Roaming:
    Sleep somewhere else each night, preferably wild camping somewhere remote, hidden between rocks and vegetations, listening to the nights sounds ...
  • and and and ...

... and the best of all is being able to switch between these modes whenever I feel like it.

Contrary to all the others in the course I avoid towns ... too many people, too much traffic. The same goes for tourist attractions: Too many tourists, too much stuff made up, too much pretending... but well, I love tourist attractions because they keep other tourists away from where I roam. Imagine all these masses that clutter the beaches and towns were out in the wild like we do. Ha!
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