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I used to have an office right over the Summit in the Okane building. It'd be a good spot for early evening get togethers during the week, but the placed gets packed with 21 year old bing drinkers on Thurs-Sat night. I couldn't count the number of times that I came to work on Monday to multiple puke stains on the doorstep of my office or blood stains from fights. That was a couple of years ago and I know they were trying hard to cut back on that kind of patron, but I'm pretty sure it's still a bit nutty on the weekend.
I've always had good luck at Cascade Lakes and we could almost ride there on dirt. Brad21 and I have knocked back a few there, they have pool, darts, Missle Command, and mixed drinks for those looking for an alternative to beer. Back before they built Broken Top (seriously dating myself) you could have ridden right the door on the old rail line that ends across from the MBSEF/Sun Country offices.
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