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Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post
Your input has been noted but stricken pending your purchase of a dual sport motorcycle. When you perform said act, the application process will be waived, approval will be granted, and a beverage will be supplied to you free of charge. Until then please keep us apprised of any change in your status.

Baastad! Who elected you Grand Poobah? If you hadn't poo pooed the LC4 400 I'd have gotten it for a sweet trade with no cash out of pocket. Given your obvious interference, I have no option left except to fully and totally blame you for my current bikeless predicament. As such, I demand unfettered access to your group of malcontents and hooligans. Besides, it was Little Bull who started it and I promised to teach her about the wonderful world of Bourbon, so I've got that going for me.

Go Giants!
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