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New life for Garmin 278/378/478??

Hi all,

I'm still happy with my 278, it makes everything I need from a gps but the memory, with a 64mb card, is almost useless.
Tired of changing maps every short time, I've been looking for a long time the way to get to the device's internal memory.
Finally I found a forum where somebody explained a way to load maps in the internal memory but unfortunatelly it didn't work for me. I'm pretty sure it was my mistake as I'm not very good at computers.

This is an extract of the procedure:

-Open map in mapsource.
-Select all regions
-Transfer selection to memory stick (2 gb)
-Copy file gmapsupp.img to c:\test
-Rename file to gmapprom.img
-Transferring to device:
- open dos box
- type cd.. until you see c:
- c:\Garmin\Webupdater.exe /upload_file rgn=49 path=c:\test\gmapprom.img -autorun usb /i

I think this would give a new life to these devices if it can be done.
Is there anybody skilled enough to help with this?

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