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Originally Posted by McCardigan View Post
Sorry PBee

Not much pointing him to that subforum, hasn't been a post for about 10mths re a Zumo 660, a man would probably die of old age wanting for a reply

I have a Zumo 660, bought in Wales last year when my Zumo 550 failed.
Very happy with it in Europe, not so sure back here in Oz. I live in East Gippsland
It dosen't recognise minor roads around here.

Can attest to its robust construction, it bounced out of the Garmin holder after the bike hit a big pothole at about 80kph and hit the deck, a couple of scraps but still works.

Replaced the holder with TT's latest more secure holder. Dead easy to fit the TT holder, even with handle bar high risers. Plug into the aux socket UNDER the top cover (sits above the battery) and it switches off after 30 seconds

Overall I'd give it 7 out of ten

Hi Chris,
Download/get a copy of Shonky maps (FREE) about 300Mb
Put it on a Micro SD card & insert it in the 660 and you will have
a very good set of minor road maps all round Oz.

As for the OP, I got my 660 from GPSOZ.

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