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Thripti is a village located on the slopes of the mountain Thripti right next to the small forest of Thripti. (yeah, i know, what can i say, they where out of ideas for naming) The villagers are mostly shepherds who also cultivate a few vegetables or grain, mostly for personal use. Two taverns are open now since a cement road reached this village a three years ago. It is still not much developed, a place well hidden from the casual tourer's eyes. As you have noticed we didn't take the cement road but another, more challenging one. If you want to find the easy route, go open a map yourselves, don't expect me to write everything, just go try exploring a bit yourself

Well, we don't go near the village this time but turn right just a km before we reach it.

Just 1-2 km's after, the road stops at a dead end and leads us to a spot...

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