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Each spanish town has some days of festivities, in bigger towns it lasts for one or even two weeks: La Feria. It's always in the same week each year per town but each town has its own date. During La Feria everyone is partying, often very traditionally. In Almerķa, where I lived for many years, business almost comes to a halt. I guess you can party all year, following the Feria from town to town.

Ten years ago I experienced it in Salamanca: Hot September days, lush evenings. As Salamanca imagines itself as one of the most intellectual towns the Feria is (apart from partying) a cultural event. Salamancas famous Plaza Mayor offered the main scenery: The town administration erected a huge stage with room enough for a whole orchestra and invited musicians of various different styles to play, at least one concert each evening for a period of two terrific weeks. To me the most memorable concert was a band that played a weird mixture of Flamenco, Jazzrock and Indian Music. Sadly I forgot its name. That concert wasn't to everyone liking, many people left the Plaza Mayor early, and indeed it required great openness to unusual music. Nonetheless nobody was unhappy, they would just came back tomorrow to listen to something that would pose as the spanish equivalent to french chancons.

In May 2007 I learned that Salamanca has another festival with a very similar setup, the Fiesta de los Libros: The Book Festival. A big stage again, accompanied by a fair of roughly 20 bookshop stalls, where everyone would browse and buy any kind of printed things. The concerts offered a similar broad range of styles, and when on one evening they performed a concert unwelcome to my taste, there were enough alternatives in the surrounding bars and university buildings.

So my second week was a pleasant mixture of learning and going to concerts.
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