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Originally Posted by J.L. Poe View Post
So Anthony, first let me just say how much I appreciate your attention to detail on all the reviews you do. I'd like to think I'm very much a geek when it comes to research as I do professional sound/lighting/video for a living. Product knowledge is essential and I do really have to KNOW about things as technology in our industry is changing daily.

You take it to another level though when it comes to GEEK though - I stand in awe

Enough pandering though, here's a couple of questions for you sir

1) Since you have an amazing amount of perspective from ACTUALLY doing a jump off in Pine Top, AZ and we know what kind of jacket and pants you were wearing (FG Ranier) and we know you had such a conviction about your Sidi Adventure Rains to produce a separate video about that boot....... What jacket in the 350-500 range would you think is best for protection in an serious ADV environment like we have here in Colorado?

2) When do we get the next jump off story say from Colorado about the new Rev It Horizon jacket and pant combo?

3) When will Revzilla get the new Gaerne G-Midlands ADV boot followed with appropriate crazy detail review

blessings and would love to know!!!
Hi J.L. Poe,
Thank you for the positive feedback. I will make sure Anthony gets the kudos you've shared. You may have expected to see Anthony personally reply, but I've sort of become the Mistress of ADVrider and have taken to answering most of the posts here. I'm also an adventure rider and have a Triple Black GS1200 of my own.

In the $300-500 range for the serious adventure rider, I like both the REV'IT! Sand Jacket and slightly outside that price range, I like the Klim Latitude jacket. The Sand has more temperature flexibility, but the Klim has the advantage of Gore Tex.
The REV'IT! Horizon Jacket and Pants still have about a month before the production versions are released, so we've only had the chance to examine samples. As soon as they are available, we plan on doing a thorough review of that set-up. We have high-expectations for the REV'IT! Horizon Jacket and Pant and it will discussed in detail here.
Lastly, for the Gaerne G-Midlands boot, we don't see any availability from our distributor as of right now. We do know that not all Gaerne boots produced are imported into the US. It's on our radar and if we see a change to that status, we will send you an update. In another post, there was speculation that it would launch in October, but we find no other information to support that.

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