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Originally Posted by BoochZilla View Post
Hey J.L.

Thanks for the note and encouragement my man. I really appreciate that you have digested so much of our video and story!

I wanted Ali to jump in to get you answers as quickly as possible. My typical day is nuts.

Colorado is awesome. I have ridden in and around Gunnison Nat'l park and the riding was spectacular. Marshall McClure passes etc.

Thanks for the geek nod. Any feedback is always welcomed.

Be well. Ride hard. Ride safe.


Thanks Anthony!!!!!

dude, you guys need to get a head cam POV camera for your reviews, that way you've got b-roll cut-away footage for when you "crack that baby open" and go inside ....whatever

I know your busy sir, and know you all have only gotten test items, but what's your real GUT on the Horizon?

Ground breaking? Should I wait for it?

I've got cash burning a hole, but want to make the absolute wisest purchase.

Also, give me your GUT also on the Adventure Rains. Is there anything better for me here in the Centennial state?

Finally, if you ever make it to Colorado again for TESTING, know I'd be honored to host you at a pretty cool place that I work in Colorado Springs.

Not sure if you've ever stayed in a castle, but I'd comp you a room for a night, but only if you shoot a video there

Big Horn sheep included at no extra charge.........

blessings sir
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