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Back from the dead, again. Its gotten cold enough to discourage me from doing too much to the car in what little free time I have. Since last post we've moved again, and now there really isn't space in the living room or elsewhere in the apartment for a motorcycle. Therefore, it's living down in the storage unit, surrounded by tools, boxes of parts, and other project-related stuff.

Anyhow, I've been making a bit of progress on the wiring, and tying up loose ends here & there. Basically just the power & ground need to be run for the fuel pump (since I'm still not sure where I'm going to put that), and then the air temperature, O2 sensor, and idle valve need to be wired up. Then, its wrapping the whole mess up in conduit & harness tape.

I'm planning on using one of the solenoid air valves from the emissions control on the project car as the idle valve for the bike, since its pretty small, electrically controlled, and is meant for a vacuum tube. That way, I can just plumb it to a vacuum port on each throttle body after the throttle. The fuel system is going to be primarily made from coated steel hard lines & compression fittings, since I can make those more compact than barbs & rubber hoses, plus they'll be less likely to leak, puncture, pull off, melt etc. I wanted to do an in-tank fuel pump, but the shape of the CL's tank really doesn't leave me anywhere to do it where the pick-up will be relatively close to the bottom, so external it is.

And lastly, when testing all of the electrical systems, all the lights, accessories & whatnot seem to be working as intended now. Plus, when cranking the bike over with the starter, the retrofitted alternator & CBR rectifier/regulator is putting out 8.5V, a very good sign!
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