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Ok. Finially have something worth posting. Been working on the wireing every little chance I get. Had to order up a few parts from Mcmaster Carr, bolts, spacers, grommets. Stuff like that. But I think I pretty much have everything I need to finish the wireing....except time that is. Seem to be lacking a lot of that this winter..

Have managed to do a little work in my shop getting it all setup the way I want it. Just bougth my 1st bench vice ever. And got some aluminum soft jaws for it

Anyways. Started making some wires up.

Ignition switch all wired up and ready

Drilled a hole in the back of the frame where the tailight wires will run thru

And another for the tailight wires to come out of. There already was that big hole in the back of the frame backbone, probably for water drainage during the painting process. Will work great for running wires up to the front of the bike

And up at the front of the bike the wires will come out here

Thats about it for now. Doesnt look like much but that took a lot of brain power to make the decisions of where to drill those holes, ok maybe i was a little scared to drill them... it is the frame after all

So this week I have to drill one more 3/4" hole up front, dont have a drill for that so I have to grab one from work tomorrow. Once that is done I can lay down the rest of the wires. Hopefully this week Ill make some real headway on the wireing. Cause next week I am headin to the Nuclear Cowboyz show and then flyin to Florida for some R&R.
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