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Originally Posted by Normlas View Post
I've been trying to do the same thing with this unit and have not yet managed to achieve it....
If you have more luck, let me know!
i decided against this one and opted for a cheap chinese one as i know they are easier to set up for using custom routes you have mapped out on the PC.

still on a steep learning curve, but the peaklife has Windows CE as it system software so there's a pile of different navigation software you can opt for instead. i supect the peaklife software, igo8 is really basic and doesnt allow custom routing. check the other igo software, maybe the primo version will do the trick?

another option is to try and get garmin xt mobile software to work on the peaklife then use mapsource to upload your files and run the free shonky maps, but it sounds like a real geek job, lots of messing around and beyond me.
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