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I would have to disagree with this, based on a hell of a lot of personal experience. In the last dozen years I have had four 1/2 ton Chevys and towed extensively with each, often over 20K miles per year. I currently tow a 26' old style, sticks and tin travel trailer that runs about three tons, loaded. The tow rig is a 2003 Tahoe with a 5.3 and 3.73 rears. In well over 100k miles with various trailers behind GM half tons I have had ZERO towing related issues. It's not 1975 anymore. Half ton trucks today have performance and towing specs. that blow the doors off 3/4 T trucks from "back in the day". The OP would do well to spend time on with particular attention paid to the towing tutorials and searching various manufacturers. Unfortunately, so far this thread has a lot of "opinions" that could easily be misconstrued as facts. Comments like half tons only being suitable for fiberglass egg trailers, or "Jayco is bottom of the barrel" really make it clear that this is a bike forum, and that credible RV knowledge is best found elsewhere. A good start in the search for a quality trailer would include Jayco, K-Z, and Nash products.
Agree with most of your post and would just point out that Nash and Arctic Fox and both made by Northwood Mfg.

In your research, you'll find that a lot has changed in the RV market with the economic downturn, some brands are gone, some are made by other makers. But if you got some cash there are some pretty good deals out there. My 22H was listed at $28k and I paid $22k for it.
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