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Agree with most of your post and would just point out that Nash and Arctic Fox and both made by Northwood Mfg.

In your research, you'll find that a lot has changed in the RV market with the economic downturn, some brands are gone, some are made by other makers. But if you got some cash there are some pretty good deals out there. My 22H was listed at $28k and I paid $22k for it.
You are right, things have gotten real interesting in the world of RVs since the start of the depression. Nash makes some great stuff, and you got a decent deal on yours. Having bought four new ones so far, I try to end up with a discount in the high 20% range, off of true list. The fact that some orphan brands are now being made by the survivors is interesting. By the end of the boom, Fleetwood and coachmen were building absolutely shit towables. They both tanked, quickly. Hard to dump major amounts of cash on warranty work for the shit you built, if you aren't pumping new units out of the door, fast and furious. At the last Hershey show I looked at Coachmen towables. I ended up chatting with a long time upper management employee. She mentioned how they were now owned by Buffett (Forest River). After I noted the obvious improvement in quality, I asked, "So building garbage, heading into a collapse of the market, didn't work out real well, eh? She smiled and said that the last few years of the old company were hell. Pump garbage out, ASAP, and let the dealers and customers take the hit. Fleetwood OTOH was so pathetic that it's hard to believe that anybody wanted to even buy the naming rights. Good luck with your Nash, I'm sure it will last nearly forever with a bit of maintenance.
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