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We all have opinions, that was mine and this is yours, if you're happy with a half ton that's swell. Like I said, you can't have too much truck, I see folks pulling big ass fifth wheels with srw trucks all the time, but I wouldn't do it.
Big difference between an opinion and a decade of heavy use that provides a deep base of knowledge. The "can't have too much truck" comment is a whole lot of testosterone that fails to add up in the real world. The average new towable buyer is a family with kids who will use the unit for a week long vacation and 6-8 weekend trips per year. They need a one ton diesel about as much as they need a Ferrari. A properly outfitted "half ton" pick-up can safely tow 6-8K trailers and be a usable family vehicle for the 95% of the time that it isn't towing anything. There is a reason that the hottest selling vehicle today is a 1/2 truck with a 400+ HP motor that gets low 20 MPGs when being used as a soocer mom, grocery chaser, yet tows 11K. I once fell for all the macho bull, and bought a four door superduty diesel. Biggest mistake ever. Great tow vehicle. Worthless for everyday life in the real world. Expensive to purchase, operate and maintain. It was also stunningly unreliable. The OP is looking for a modest Trailer and knowns what it takes to pull it. Had he started this thread as a retiree heading out for a lifetime of travel in a 18K, 38' fifth wheel, you would be correct, you need more truck.
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