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The pieces of my life are rapidly being reassembled. A friend drove me 250 miles to Spartanburg, SC so I could ride my GS home. Friends had asked me if I was at all nervous about getting back on my motorcycle after fracturing my ankle. I told them in regard to screwing up and crashing, absolutely not; however, the thought had occurred to me that my 4 plus decades of on-road riding without a serious incident may have been more luck than skill and I wondered if the law of averages was about to change my fate going forward. One friend suggested that logic was analogous to having a mortgage with a looming balloon payment. While gearing up for the first time since November 12 I found my left boot to be a very snug fit, but I know that will change in the months to come. Within 30 minutes of beginning my ride home all thoughts of luck influencing my safe return were quickly obscured by the absolute joy of motorcycling that I have experienced since my first ride at age 16.
I generally ride back roads, only using interstates through necessity; however, for anyone who has never ridden I-40 from Asheville, NC to Newport, TN I highly recommend it. It is a spectacular trip anytime of year, but more so in the Fall.
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