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Originally Posted by Radioman View Post
My adventure is fluid. Looking at my Time and Money, and the Logistics ..... I have a few priorities one was riding in India, and hopefully China. Getting my bike there has lots of challenges, so I had always considered flying to India and renting a bike as one of my options. Since I am planning to spend extra time in South America..... It allows for tghe possibility to get to India during there summer season.....

I had come to terms that this journey does not need to be continuous. Talked with another long term rider about this, and there are times on the road that you get tired out, and need to take time staying in one place or returning home to regroup before continuing. No rules in how to do this kind of long distance travel, I have found that I will need a break somewhere along the trip.

We will all see what happens!
I like this mentality. find a place you wanna stay for a bit, explore, soak in it's culture and scenery. Then, when ready press on. Especially in South America where the cost of living is cheap (so I've heard, no first hand experience) it sounds like a great way to "time" your trips for the best season in the next country you conquer.

I'm following this closely as it mirrors what I want to do in about 12 years, when I retire from the military.

Hopefully this fellow Oregonian can buy ya a beer or three.

Safe travels, and lots of memories

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