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Originally Posted by J.L. Poe View Post
thanks Ali for the help

would you answer a few more?

I've been doing my "normal" research for a new jacket/pant combo - read for 2-3 months, explore all things internet, try and find folks who've actually pulled the trigger, lose sleep because I can take my ipad 2 to bed, get chastised by my wife who loves me but sees me neglecting kids and chores, do an actual pros and cons list etc etc etc


Love your recommendation on the Sand combo, seems super solid and proven. The Klim comes highly recommend of course, but I struggle with no liners and paying for Goretex (even though I have multiple gore pieces of gear for snow/outdoors). Question 1) from a multi-use/weather 4 season perspective, do you think the Sand really outshines the Klim and do you feel the Horizon MAY take it to that next level because of the Hypertex?

Question 2) Simply base on construction, does the Rev It gear approach Klim in construction, and is it ALMOST to the level of Aerostich and Motoport?

Question 3) Which company will fit me better particular in the pants? I have a 35-36 inch wast in most pants but have a 35.5 to 36 inch inseam?

Question 4) Do you also concur with Anthony when it comes to boots, and was wondering if they are as flexible as most folks seem to report?

Question #4) Your triple black GS sounds like a beast of a bike. What system would you chose for me since I'm the proud owner of a triple black 2009 KLR 650 and mainly target mountain riding after I've ridden on the 2 lane high way to get there here in beautiful Colorado?

thanks again!
Hey JL,

I think bang-for-buck and quality, the Sand combo wins hands down. I actually have a boot-leg version I wear in the winter (the only Extra-Small ever produced for a photo-shoot). I also think the Horizon will be a game changer, but until it's out on the market and some real-world testing is done, it's still too early to say. I will say that I have my concerns about use here in the humid North East and how well it will breathe in the heat of the summer. In your neck of the woods, it should be infinitely better.
As for inseam, both REV'IT! and Klim offer long lengths. A 36" inseam with a 36" waist will be hard to come by, however, where you will likely have to choose one or the other. In the Klim, you would take a Large Tall, and in REV'IT! an XL tall, but both will be a bit shy of a 36" inseam. You could go up a size for the extra length, but it would be loose at the waist.
I personally only use the Sidi Crossfire (older TA version) for aggressive off-road riding and the REV'IT! Rival boots for touring and light off road use. Anthony can speak better to real-world use of the Sidi Rains.
Lastly, the KLR is a great all-around bike. I had a 96 KLR for a hot minute. I didn't like how it performed for me in sandy terrain, so I picked up a Suzuki DR650SE. The KLR is certainly better for long distances on the high-way, but I prefer the way the DR performed off-road.
I've had the opportunity to do some riding in Colorado back in the summer of '05 on my old '01 BMW GS 1150. I did the Million Dollar Highway and some of the Black Canyon. You have some stellar riding in your parts. To me, nothing beats the GS for touring and the occasional off-road tryst.
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